Yesterdays Fun San Juan Island

After spending lots of time not getting much done.  I decided to head out and spy on the pair of Red Tailed Hawks I have been watching over the past month.  When I was out I was lucky enough to see the male Meadowlark again.  This time I as able to set up the scope and get an even more impressive view of the brightly colored bird.  When I first arrived to the area the Red Tails were kiting in the wind and moving about an open grassland area.  After spending some time checking them out, it was time to move further down to the south end.  Searching for the Rufus Red Tailed morph with no luck.  There were a few Bald Eagles in the area and that was nice.  Getting back to the area I think a pair of Red Tailed Hawks are nesting, I set up the scope to look around.  A fox appeared down the road and was acting a bit strange.  I decided to follow its path and see what other strange behavior I might see.  But it disappeared and I was not able to locate it.  Then I noticed a wonderful bird flying towards me.  It was a Northern Shrike. I have been looking for one of these over the past week without success.  It flew along and then landed and I was able to spend a little time viewing it in detail with my bino's.  As I was heading home I spotted another Red Tail in a different location.  I will have to spend some time in that area and see if it is there consistently or if it just happened to be passing by when I was.  All in all it was a really nice day out.  Even though it was windy and a bit chilly, it was worth the time to see the few amazing birds living life in the wild.

I did not take any pictures.   Maybe next time I will get some good images to share.

ANYWAY,,  I hope  everyone is having a good day.


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