Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Returns to San Juan Island

Last night the temperatures started to fall off and a bit of freezing drizzle had started.  By this morning there was a light blanket of snow covering the ground.  It was in the upper 20s when I woke and had plan on going for a run today.  So I sat around thinking about it and then decided it would be a great to be out in the snow for a run.

I got Guinness roused from his sleep and headed to the Finlayson Trail.  The drive out was as I expected, Beautiful!  I geared up in some warm running clothes and was ready to hit the trail.  At the trail head is was so nice.  The snow tends to make everything seem quiet.  It was cold but perfect for a run.  As I headed into the woods the trail was pretty clear.  The tree canopy had kept most of the snow at bay.  Ferns along side the trail had a faint covering of snow.  It was really nice. The back side of the trail I climb the hill to the open view of the Olympic Mountains, as I reached the clearing there was a Bald Eagle flying at eye level in search of food.  I took a moment to take a few pictures and decided it was best if I kept moving. On my return I saw one of the Red Tailed Hawks I have been watching over the past weeks.  It was perched in the top of a tree all puffed up trying to keep warm.  

All in all it was a great time on the trail.  The snow did not change the fact that I was running and breathing hard.  It simply added a nice decorative touch to the scenery.

This will be my only post for the day.  I do have some images to add.  But I have things to get done today.  Plus I have a birthday get together for a friend.  So I will not be getting back out to enjoy the spoils of nature.

ANYWAY, enjoy the photos and have a great day and evening.

This picture was taken a few nights ago.  But this is pretty much how I looked this morning.  Nice and cozy.  Hard to pull your self from the warm comforts of home to get out in the cold some times.

This was just a view off the side of the trail.

Here is the start of the trail.  Pretty nice!

You can see a nice little covering of snow.  Dark skies!

Cattle Point Lighthouse in the distance. My little digital camera was having a hard time metering with the snow.  Will have to get it out and work with it to see if I cannot improve the images.

Hope everyone enjoyed checking out the little bit of snow we got.  Any amount on the island really just adds another dimension of beauty.


kandi said...

Hey there! The picture from the start of the trail is awesome! It is almost as if I were standing there myself. And the snow...absolutely beautiful! It is great to be able to see the island year-round, even if it can't be in person. Thanks!

Richard said...

nice shots makes me fee as though I was there

ruth offen said...

ahhhhhhh. just a different type of beautiful day !