Birding, Running and Sunset

Yesterday was a day filled with good time outdoors.  Starting with a cup of coffee and running a few small errands.   Then heading over to pick up Monika for a bit of birding.  So some people look at me funny when I say I am going or have gone birding.  Birding is bird watching.  We have been going out and checking out sea birds but have not done my woodland birding, so that was the goal of the day.  We headed out to the Roche Harbor trails and walked around the woods listening and searching out the birds as the flew amongst the trees.  After a pretty long hike we decided to surrender our efforts and check a few other places.  The first stop was in hopes of seeing Wood Ducks, but that did not work out.  Moving on the False Bay for a quick look around and not seeing too much.  The tide was high so we usually do not see much.  The off the see if we could locate a Northern Shriek.  That really did not work out either.  

I headed home and decided it was a good day for a run.  The forecast was for rain and the sun came out and it was really nice most of the day.  I could not resist the opportunity to get a run in. Heading out to my typical running spot and getting on the trail.  I made good time to the back side of the trail and made my way out of the woods to the open hillside.  It was going to be a wonderful sunset.  I took a seat on a nice rock and before long I look over my shoulder and Richard was making his way to the same spot.  Exchanging hellos and discussing how beautiful the scene looks.  A bit of work chat and then as the sun slipped away the air developed a cold bite.  Instead of running back to the trail head, I decided to enjoy the walk out with Richard.  My friend Penny was somewhere on the trail but we did not know where.  The walk was perfect, there was little wind, the sun setting created wonderful rich tones on the landscape.  It was almost silent outside.  Returning to the trail head we meet up with Penny and it was time for everyone to head home.

Being such a great day, I wanted to have a great dinner.  So I collected a few people and we headed to Steps Wine Bar and Cafe.  The perfect end for the day.  Enjoying a few nice glasses of wine and food that was flavorful and complementing of the day.  Hanging out with friends over good food and wine is one of the better ways you can spend an evening.

Here is my bird list from the day:
Ruby Crowned Kinglet American Robin
Chickadee Junco
Rave Bald Eagle
Red-Breasted Nuthatch Varied Thrush
Northern Flicker Spotted Towhee
Bewicks Wren Crow
Pintail Ducks Ringneck Ducks
Kingfisher Hooded Merganser
Common Merganser Buffleheads
Mallard Ducks Trumpeter Swans
Green Wing Teal Duck Mew Gulls
Glaucus Wing Gull Red Tailed Hawk

The photos:

Looking south on San Juan Island.

Taking a break from my run to enjoy the sunshine. Thanks for the photo Richard.


Richard enjoying a classic San Juan Island sunset.

Sweeping View


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