Nature,, My Guidance Counselor

Today was a day of too much I wanted to do with a not enough time.  Of course none of it would mean the end of the world if I did not get it done.  First off I had to have a meeting with Richard. He was in Seattle over the weekend and we had to discuss possible candidates to hire.  After that it was the typical stuff; post office, clean dishes, pay rent etc.  But the most important for me was to not let all of the daily grind keep me from getting outside and on the trail for a run.  Today was amazing.  Sun was bright all day and the temperature was warm.  I could not of dreamed of a more beautiful day.  So after getting most of my list done I decided it would be best to play a little guitar before taking off for my run. 

As I headed out I could see distant views of snow covered mountains.  It was just one of those days where energy was all around you.  Guinness (my dog) was really feeling it.  I had a hard time getting him settled down to get in my car.  He was speed running circles around the yard.  Then he would fall down and roll.  I have to say it was pretty funny.  But I finally got him rounded up.  

We hit the trail with a nice slow pace to get warmed up.  I took my old route and as you reach the back part of the trail there is the really steep climb to reach the top.  So the first part of the run is all in the woods and as you crest the hill, it simply can take your breath away.  The Olympic Mountains covered in snow. Mount Rainier off in the distant looming over the water.  As you turn east you get view of Mount Baker an the Cascade Range.  All full of white contrasting the bright blue of the sky.  The water was calm, so calm it look as if I could skip a rock from San Juan Island to Vancouver Island.  It was just one of those days.

I set the title to, Nature My Guidance Counselor, because that is how  I feel about being outside. I enter the woods with plenty of life topics on my mind.  But with every step and every view, the questions that seem so hard to grasp the answers to become easier to understand.  Sometimes the questions seem to lose their importance and you ask yourself why you were even wasting energy on such things.  Clarity is something that we all seek in our lives.  I cannot say I come home with complete clarity but I do come back with a new perspective.

So I would like to say thanks to the best Guidance Counselor I could ask for, Nature.

I metered around and every time this image was dark.  But here is Mt. Baker.

"Holly Cow Batman" look at that flat water!

Saying good night to the sun as it continues its journey to the other side of the world.


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