Monday, February 9, 2009

Mountainsmith Sprint Review

Typically I give my two cents on kayak gear, but I am going to speak for this one piece of running equipment.

The Mountainsmith Sprint:

I used to think these were all to goofy and just never wanted to give it a try. Well I was surfing the web and made my typical stop by Steep and Cheap and there it was. It was such a good price and I have been looking for a solution for carrying my digital camera, gloves, water, mp3 player, asthma meds, and dogie bags for Guinness. Most of what I have run across just looked too big. So I decided to take a risk and just buy this one. I could not be more happy with it.

First impression out of the box was it look interesting. The suspension system at first looks a bit off, but once you put it on, well it makes sense. The bag itself stays off the body. There is an x-brace behind the bag with a mesh band that rest against you. The tension straps along the side create an arch in the bracing and the main compartment stays off you. So you never really fell he bag as you run.

The main compartment has room for gloves, MP3 player, and a few other small things. There are two other pouches that I use to carry my digital camera and the other for my asthma meds. So it really works out for me. The water bottle carrier rest in such a way that it does not interfere with your running and arm movements, but can be easily used while on the go.

I have used this while running on flat, steep and varied terrain. It was not even noticeable. While running at a sprint pace, at first it seemed to move around a bit. I readjusted the tension on the straps and did not have the problem again.

All in all it is a solid performing piece of equipment. If you are looking for a little extra room to carry a few things and do not want to really notice you've added anything to your body. Then I really think this is a good fit. Shop around online and you will find it on sale on most sites. For under 40 bucks it is a great deal!

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Anonymous said...

THanks for the review. Sounds like they did plenty of r&d.