Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold Day on San Juan

The weather just seems to sway between spring and winter.  Today the clouds moved in, temperature dropped and the wind started to pick up.

Though it was cold it was a nice relaxing day.  I met up with my friend Monika to go check out the Red Tailed Hawks.  We watched then kite in the wind in search of food.  We never got to see them make a kill.  We started to wounder what there success ratio is.  The Olympic Mountains were beautiful today.  Clouds made a serpentine like impression around the mountains and the snow covered peaks stood proud.  With the dark sky there was almost a feel of purple to the clouds over the mountains.  Though we sat in the cold and the Red Tails were busy doing their thing, we had a great time.  

If you have time check out Monika's Blog She has a bunch of great photos to enjoy.

Here are couple of images I took.

It is best to click on the image to get a better view.  

The Olympic Mountains in all their glory.

Hope everyone is having a good night.

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