Saturday, February 7, 2009

Island Life

Today was centered around getting  few things done around the house.  Then kicking back and taking it easy.  The sun came out and with a few clouds looming in the distance, I assumed the sunset was going to be great.  My buddy Jesse called and said he would join me with his daughter Ayana.

I headed out the Land Bank Property on the west side of San Juan Island. This is a great place to get vies of Vancouver Island and the Olympic Mountains.  As I pulled up Jesse was already there. Guinness was excited the see Ayana and I think she was pretty happy to see him.  We walked down and as the sun was hanging low in the sky, you could feel the cool air moving in.  Jesse played his Ukulele, which he made, and I took my Guitar.  We played some song and had a great time. Jesse is not only a good friend of mine but he is a lead kayak guide for Discovery Sea Kayaks.

I just want share a few island photos this evening.

Jesse rocking it out!

We have been having weather for this time of year.  Anytime I can see a sunset like this, I do not care if it is a little cold out.  Anyone who has been here or lived here and moves away.  This is a picture to help you remember the beautiful island sunsets.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe evening.

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kandi said...

Beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing.