Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yesterdays Eagles

After my great run the other day, I had a nice talk with my neighbor and thought he has been seeing Golden Eagles on the island.  Not being a bird you would see here this time of year I first assume he is seeing Juvenile Bald Eagles.  But the I decided what is the harm in heading out and seeing for myself.  I called Monika, as she is always up for a birders challenge.  We agreed on a 9 am start. Heading out to the south end of the island I thought it would be best start from high overlooks and scan the area.  This I still feel was the best idea, but the wind was strong and cold.  So we could not do it for long.  We ended up driving around to certain area we thought might yield a peak at a Golden Eagle, but no luck.  But being outside in the morning enjoying the views of the area and looking at Bald Eagles was not too bad.  We ended up seeing so many Bald Eagles, I think we stop counting at 20.  There were a lot of Juveniles around and Adult Bald Eagles were displaying courtship behavior.  We did see the two Red Tailed Hawks that I saw on my run the day before.

Please check out Monika's Blog to read her account of the morning and she took a couple of really nice Bald Eagle photos.

It was a fun morning and even without seeing a Golden Eagle it was worth getting up to enjoy.

I hope all my friends in my home town are well.  I know most of you are still without power. Stay warm and take care.

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