Western Bluebirds

The Western Bluebird Reintroduction on San Juan Island has been hard at work getting a new group of birds set on the island.  I have volunteered a few different times to help out.  I helped early on to move and set up a couple of aviaries for the birds, a trip out to see them when feeding and the latest was to help snap a few photos of the babies in the bird boxes.  The project seems to be a success, as some Bluebirds are staying on island.  But it has been fun to see the adult and the babies.  Soon they will be banding the new borns  before they take a leap out of the nest boxes for their first flights.


Baby Bluebirds!!!  These guys were piled together.  CUTE!!

This is from a different nest than the above images.  The babies are a bit smaller.  Really awesome to see life in its early stages.  Young and helpless and one day they will be beautiful adults flying along tall grass in search of insects.  

Just wanted to share some images of these cute little birds!


Monika said…
How cool that you've gotten to see them up close. I saw my first SJI bluebirds last October - I thought it was kind of late for them but I guess they're still staging for their migration at that time. Those little guys are all mouth at that age, aren't they?

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