Spring Rain

For the most part last week was wonderful and the weekend was great.  But a bit of rain moved in over night.  Having the rain overnight is pretty nice as it adds a bit of soothing noise while sleeping. We were pretty busy with tours over the weekend.  With the nice weather people are getting on the water.  Plus J Pod is now back in the area and with that news people are wanting to have the opportunity to see them from a kayak.

I have been busy working on my other project and I was told the work that was needed will be done by this Saturday.  This means I can finish up what I need to do and get some photos and show everyone what I have been working on.

Soon I will be getting back on the water and sharing more pictures of the San Juan Islands from my kayak.  But I have been taking it a bit easy due to a back problem I have been having.  Hope that it gets better soon!!!

ANYWAY,,,  that is all I have for now.


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