Sunrise On San Juan Island

Over the past few days Shawn and I have been going out with Paul Beauchamp and his assistant Keila Collins for a photo shoot they were here to do.  It was pretty funny.  Paul is here working for some company on an ad campaign.  

The first shoot was done on the west side of San Juan Island around sunset.  We pretty much just floated around while the images were being made and positioned our kayaks in place for the shots he wanted.  We paddle tandem kayaks for the shoot.  Paul was in the back of a tandem while Shawn sat in the front and I was in the back of the other tandem while Keila sat in the front.  Over all it did not take to long and we were on our way home.

The next shoot I did not take place in.  It was the night of the Halibut cookout at my place.  It as another sunset paddle.  After they were done they came over to the house and we all made our way to the local watering hole, Herbs Tavern.
The took a day off from shooting to pass everything by the client to see if the images were what they were looking for.  We ended up getting a late phone call saying they wanted to get a sunrise shot.  AHHH...  This meant waking around 4am and getting on the water early.  The first location we went to was Cattle Pass at the southern tip of San Juan Island.  It was an amazing sun rise. The water was calm and you could see from Mt. Baker to Mt. Rainier.  After zig zagging in front of Paul's kayak with my tandem kayak we left for a second site.  We were in the Griffin Bay area and the water was super calm.

That night a group of friends got together to go out to eat at The Place.  After a wonderful dinner, Thanks Jenn, we headed to South Beach.  A buddies band was playing music off the back of a big flat bed.  We had some beers and enjoyed the sounds of the jam session and hanging with friends.  The night trailed along to late in the night.  

I have a few photos from the sunrise paddle.

Sun Rise at Cattle Pass San Juan Island

Nice morning.

Keila wishing she was not in a kayak at 5am.

Looking toward the Cattle Point Lighthouse

4th of July Beach


Anyway,, Have a nice night!


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