Still Work That Needs To Be Done

Well I had hoped to have pictures of my exciting project I have been working on.  But it looks like I will need a few more days before I can post images.  But tomorrow will finish up a big part of the project then I will just a need a day or so to get things set.  I cannot wait to share with those who visit my blog.

Plus I will be moving out of my house and into a new location.  It will be sad saying good bye to the ole house here on Argyle.  But the new house will be great.   I had lots of fun living in my current house but it will be passed over to another group of kayak guides from another company.  So I will be able to enjoy the amazing back yard.  

Work is busy and trips are starting to be more consistent.  The weather today was great and Ocras were on the West Side.

I know I have been lame at getting new post up and really lame by not having any pictures to share.  But as soon as I am doing working on my project.  I promise I will start getting more kayaking pictures posted.

ANYWAY,,  I hope you all keep coming by and checking to see if I have updated.  

Have a nice night.


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