A Great Island Day

Yesterday I was on the water with a nice guy writing and article for Sierra Magazine. Mainly about Orca Whales. We spent the day on the water enjoying the sunshine. The currents were strong and a stiff breeze out of the west. There were no signs of the Orcas, but the day was still amazing. On our way back to the beach to go home the tidal exchange was in effect and the sea was choppy and confused. Once off the water we all headed for South Beach. Another night where there was live music and good food. The wind gained strength and the water was beautiful. I have some pictures to share with you. A little slice of island life!

The band set up to play at the beach!

People having a great time. Olympic Mountains are in the background!

PARTY! LOL. It was more chill than that.

More people!

Chickens on the rotis. YUMMM!

This little guy was making quick work of this ear of corn.


Ah, looks like trouble to me. LOL.

The set up. It takes a moment, but worth it for slow roasted chickens.

This is from the earlier part of my day.

Before the chop we had amazing conditions! It was a great day on the water.

Well there you go. A little part of the island life. Good kayaking, good people, good music, good food and a GREAT time!

Hope all is well.


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