Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here Then There

No pictures today, sorry!  I just wanted to post a quick update on whats been going on.  

Yesterday I got the early ferry with a friend and headed to Seattle.  I was there picking up a bunch of stuff for the Discovery Sea Kayak shop.  It was a mad dash down and back.  Getting to the Seattle shops around 10am and getting done around 1pm or so.  Pouring rain and a truck load of stuff scantly tarped.  Made our way to Anacortes and had a nice Mexican Dinner with Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo.  I arrived at the ferry dock around 503pm and was lucky enough to get on the 5pm ferry.  We like to call this ferry karma.  I have seen it a few times and my friends have experienced it as well.  It is like winning the lottery.  Strange I know, but if you have ever dealt with trying to catch a ferry here and just miss it and have to wait it out for the next ferry.  Well it is no fun!

Soon Discovery Sea Kayaks will have a brand new look and I am excited.  I will post images as soon as everything comes together.

Anyway,,,, I hope everyone out there is doing well.

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