Busy Weekend

San Juan Island was full of people this weekend.  Sometime on Friday it seemed the flood gates had opened.  People filled the streets, restaurants and local businesses.  We had tours going out and sales ring at the new shop.  It was the first really flurry of business for the season.  On Saturday we had three trips go out and I was happy to hear some guest from Portland had requested me as their guide.  With a nice group of 6 people I arrived at San Juan Co Park.  The day presented a light breeze and strong currents.  But not long after we got on the water we had Orca Whales all over. We rafted together and drifted along in the current.  Orcas swam past close off our bows.  We then moved in shore to avoid the strong currents and it was time to raft again.  Orcas were swimming along the shoreline.  This time we were able to anchor in a kelp bed and enjoy the show.  As we sat watching the group move North we noticed they all have turned and were heading back.  We spent all of our time on the water with the Orcas and then headed back to the park to pack up.  It was a great day to be on the water and a great day to see Orca Whales.

Today I spent the day in the shop.  It was fun to see all the people in and out of the shop.  The streets were teaming with people, most trying to figure out which ferry they could catch.  It is amazing to watch the loads of people with cars that are now stuck here until the late ferry and they have been waiting all day.  The ferry workers are working patiently to get everyone in loading lanes all over town.

By the end of the day there will be few tourist left on the island.  Islanders will take a deep breath and relax as we prepare for the next wave as the summer season has now kicked off.

Sorry I do not have any photos to share.  Moving in to my new house and being busy with work. I could not even begin to tell you where my camera is.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


Monika said…
Phew, was it a busy weekend or what? It was crazy with people leaving today - they were lining up cars for the ferry in all sorts of crazy places! You're definitely right about taking a deep breath before the next wave hits.

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