Sunny Skies and BBQ

Yesterday was beautiful here on San Juan Island.  I started my day with a little work at the shop but called it a bit early to come home and throw a couple of Pork Shoulders on the grill.  Called a few friends and the time was set for the evenings BBQ.  Since the shoulders cook over low heat for hours, I got a bit of packing done.  My roommate and I are moving to new digs.  It has been nice living on Argyle St. but it is one of the major road in and out of town.  The new house is tucked away from the road noise.  I still have a lot of work to do before I am moved in.

The clouds are here this morning and I have a few things on my plate for the day.  Work a bit more on my Discovery Sea Kayak project, I have an a guide here for an interview and get more moved if possible.  

I will be on the water for a bit for the interview and I will try and snap a few photos off to share. 

ANYWAY, I hope everyone is doing great today.


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