TideRace Kayaks Coming to Washington State

Today I had a short chat with my good friend Matthew Ross of SeaKayakShop.com in Anacortes Wa.  He was excited to inform me that he will be a dealer of TideRace Kayaks out of the UK.  I had a chance last fall to demo the TideRace Xcite.  It was an impressive kayak.  I hope to have the opportunity to paddle the Xplore as well.  It was defiantly a kayak I put on my wish list.

He is thinking he will get some of the kayaks in the his shop, located at 2515 Commercial Ave in Anacortes Wa, by May.  This is a pretty awesome kayak to have available to paddlers in the region. There are a lot of high performance kayaks out there and to add this to the list is exciting.  

If you are searching for a high performance kayak and have been looking at NDK's, Valley, or P&H kayaks.  Check out the TideRace kayaks when they come in.  

For more info on TideRace Kayaks visit their site.  http://www.tideraceseakayaks.com/

For more info on Matthew Ross and SeaKayakShop.com visit his site at

Spring is near and before you know it summer sea kayak weather will be calling you to the water.  So if you are gear up and get ready.


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