The Last Few Days

Over the past few days I have been busy doing a bit of work and having fun.  Well work is fun since it is kayaking, but we will call it work.  After the snow the weather got much nicer.  It took a bit of time but the day time temps were on the rise.

Tuesday I met up with my friend Monika and headed out the our typical area to check out some birds.  It was nice and sunny and at first we did not have much to see.  We were searching for the Red Tailed Hawks (RTH's) that we have been watching. We spent our time basking in the sun and thumbing through this wonderful book of mine.  Raptors of Western North America, it was gift I was given for my 32nd birthday.  It is full of wonderful information and tons of color photos. Which great since there are so many variation in Red Tail Hawks, it is nice to see them all.  Out of know where a Norther Shriek flutters along and land near by in a shrub.  I was able to get the scope on it and get good detailed views.  This was the first time I have ever heard a Northern Shriek vocalize.  It was pretty amazing.  At the same time a fox was hunting in an area of tall grass.  We observed with anticipation of a kill, but after a nice pounce and no success we turned back to looking for the hawks.  Just at that moment one of the RTH's makes a low pass. Were lucking and got to see some really nice aerial display and a great view through the scope when it perched.

Thursday I had kayak lesson to teach.  A student of mine who has been working really hard and I decided we would head to the West Side of San Juan Island to enjoy some paddling time. Sometimes taking a break from all the learning and simply going on a small journey helps in seeing the success they are having.  It was a day with a light breeze, warm air and a good tidal exchange.  So we had good moving water and a bit of chop.  It was a good experience to get her out in and let her use some of her new tools.  They day was a nice success and since she was set to have another lesson Friday we took it a bit easy.  Later I went out for sunset and it was amazing.  The mountains were clear and packed with snow.  The sky with different shades of orange. I could not of asked more out of a day than Thursdays.

Friday was kayak class again.  Today was set to be a wet day on the water. Some high clouds and bit cooler temp than the previous day.  We worked on support strokes (bracing and sculling). Set some partner rescues and went over the details to get a paddler back in the kayak quickly. It was lots of fun and exciting for her when I taught her how to static brace.  After a short paddle we called it a day and headed for home.

I am set to leave the island tomorrow to head to Seattle.  Not often that I have been off the island this winter.  But I am going to see Brett Dennen at the Show Box and meet up with some friends.  It will be nice to be off the island, but it will be a quick trip.  I am back Sunday as  I have to be on the water early Monday to lead a tour.  

I have some images to share and I hope you like them. 


A cargo ship making a close pass by San Juan Island.

Ahh.  Her first Static Brace.  NICE!

Look towards the North from the West Side of San Juan Island.

Just another nice view.

Heading back to Small Pox Bay after a short paddle to the the lesson.

Lichen growing on a rock.  I just liked the colors.

Calm water and blue sky!

Hmmm.  Can you really say anything to this image.  Beautiful Sunset!


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