Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Rainy Day

All the signs of spring are here.  The song birds are singing, the days light lingers on to late in the day and I have even seen a few Turkey Vultures back in the area.  But the ever present rain is here today.  Dark skies, a cool breeze and rain.  Soon the rains will dissipate and the San Juan's will become a sun haven for a few months.  Warm days and cools night will come in to replace the cold. The island will be covered with visitors.  Kayak tours will be going out daily

I am leaving for Seattle tonight and then off to Denver for the next few days.  I am taking advantage of my last chance to get off the island before I have to be here everyday.  

I start training new guides as soon as I get back from Denver.  So check back for some fun kayak photos.

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