This morning was once again a surprise with snow wisping through the air and a cold wind.  I kind of thought that the snow was over since yesterday afternoon was nothing but sunshine.  But I was wrong.  After spending time in doors getting a few work related things done I headed to town for lunch and then off to the outdoors.

A nice cup of soup from The Market Chef and back by the house to pick up Guinness.  We arrived at the trail head at the south end of San Juan with snow patched trails.  One of the Red Tail Hawks was kiting in the wind near the parking area.  A good start to the hike.  While I was at lunch I was asked how my day was.  I took a minute and thought, humm nothing has really happened, good or bad.  So I asked if it were ok if I answered with indifferent.  We kind of laughed and I said the day was not over and I am sure by then end it will have been a great day. I was in a nature wonderland for awhile.  Tracks on the trail give way to the fact that others where ahead of me somewhere.  As I progressed along I could see track from fox and the many deer that have crossed that hiking path.  Some areas of the path had more snow that others, though all the trees seemed to be covered in the decorative white.  Out to the Southwest looking of the Strait you could see dense clouds covering the Olympic Mountains.  I am sure there were getting lots of snow.  But high above my head was blue sky.  A cold Northeast wind has set in and when you reached and area where there was little cover protecting me from the NE, the wind cut right through.

I did not see any much wildlife as I hiked.  Main the signs left in the snow that they have already passed by.  I did spot two Bald Eagles soaring circular patterns around each other.  I laughed and wondered if they ever get dizzy.  I am sure they don't, but it was a funny thought.  As I was lost in my mind I started to think that everyone that reads my blog must think I spend a good deal of time alone.  Well my day time hours during the week are pretty much that way.  It is enjoyable to hike trails with conversation of others.  But I must admit I cherish my time alone on the trail.  Guinness does not offer much conversation, but is a great trail companion.  So it works. My summers are spent with people everyday.  Often meeting groups of new people everyday and then spending either the day with them or the whole week.  So finding time to be alone is a winter thing.  

My thoughts moving on I notices some small birds deep in the thickets near the ground.  As I got a bit closer I could see Spotted Towhee's hopping about.  Cresting the back side of Finlayson I could see Cattle Pass and the Lighthouse.  Snow covered the grasslands below and the wind was cold.  Crossing over the water side of the road I make my way back toward the trail head.  Not using any trail I just made my own path through the briers and snow.  Guinness wildly sniffed the ground whenever we crossed fox tracks.  I could see he was having a great time.  As I reached the area I usually park and watch for Red Tail Hawks, I bump in to Monika.  She was just out for a drive and checking out what the scenery.  We chatted for a bit and a few clouds moved over the sun dropping the temperature a bit.  I added a quick layer and said my good byes and headed on.  Making my way back to the car I could now confirm today has been a great day.  Fresh air, beautiful view with patches of snow, a bit of wildlife and time to just take in the sound and smell of nature. Yeap...  A great day!

ANYWAY, here are some photos from my day.  Don't for get you can click on the images to view them larger.

Snow starting to fall.

The trail head.  Nice covering of snow.

This image for some reason was really dark.  Guess that is what I get for using a point and shoot. Oh well, it is still pretty.

If you check my post from yesterday you can see this exact image but without snow.  The snow was covering the beach right down to the waters edge.

I was almost back to my car and  I could not resist these wonderful clouds.  The snow covered rock and tall grass just made it a great scene.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day.


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