Sunday, March 8, 2009

San Juan's Wild Weather

The forecast called for snow and we did see some snow falling at my house.  With no accumulation on the ground.  But when I was in town there were cars coming in from other parts of the island with a few inches on top of their cars.  The sun soon came out and blue skies were all you could see. I decided I was going to head out to the south end to see if I could find a hawk or two.  I called Monika and she was ready to get out as well.  

On our way out we passed through an area where snow covered the ground.  When we arrived at the south end of San Juan there was no snow.  It was actually really nice outside.  We made our way to Cattle Point pull out and took advantage of the nice warm sun and went for a short walk.  We did spot one of the Red Tail Hawks.  It was soaring high above then out of sight.  We watched from the top of the bluff as a male Merganser was doing his best to woo the females around him.  It was pretty fun to watch.  Moving along we bumped into Richard as he was out enjoying the sun.  

We soon moved to the other location where there was lots of warm sun.  Not much bird activity but we sat there with beautiful views of the water with sun showering us with warmth.  Soon my friend Kerri pulled up and joined us.  After awhile we did see the Red Tail we call RTH1.  But he soon disappeared on his way.  We sat there laughing and generally taking in the sun and the fun loving company.  A Northern Harrier then appeared.  Landed in a small tree right in front of us. It was one if the best views I have ever had of a Harrier.  The sunlight was just right and enhanced the colors of its feathers.

Soon it was time to head home.  We all had plans with either friends or significant others.  It was a simple time, with easy going conversation and lots of laughs.  The short amount of time in the day that makes it all worth while.  Spending time with friends in the beauty of nature sharing laughs.  Sometimes it is truly a simple life.  But only sometimes.  ANYWAY, enjoy the two images.

Looking over South Beach.

Erosion is taking its toll along the south end.  But it is a beautiful view.

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Monika said...

Whether life at the moment is simple or not, those simple moments make it all worth it. It was indeed great fun to share laughs and sunshine with you guys today!