Seattle, Brett Dennen Show

Over the weekend I left for Seattle.  It was a quick trip, just one night.  But I was heading down to catch a show at the Show Box.  With the current Ferry schedule to get off the island, it is hard if you miss a 10:00 ferry then you have to wait until 1:30.  It pretty much rained the whole drive down.  But once in Seattle is was a good time catching up with some friends and seeing what was new with them.  Two of my friends which are a couple, have sold everything they own and bought a 1976 VW Bus and are getting ready to embark on a 1 year journey of travel with no certain direction.  The old bus needs work but looks like a great project.  I love having friends that will just up root and go against the grain of the usual fabrics of life.  You go guys!

The show its self was amazing.  If you ever get a chance to see Brett Dennen live, DO IT.  It was a sold out show and that was a bummer since some of my buddies were going to buy tickets at the door.  I had purchased mine early online.  It was great to stand in a crowd of stranger and see everyone tuned in and having a great time.  Brett's music puts out a wonderful vibe that brings a smile to your face.

Check out Brett Dennen's website for information and tour dates.

We stayed in North Bend at a friends brothers house.  It was nice to have a place to crash after a night on the town.. Many Thanks!  The next morning the drive was a mix of rain and snow, finally giving way to just rain.  The ferry ride home was windy.  We kind of wished for more wind that what we had, but it was still nice.  Crossing Rosario Strait we had strong winds with white caps stretching as far as you could see.  There was a rainbow over the water that you could see where it landed on both ends in the water.  It was a nice welcome home.  Being in the city is lots of fun.  The great food, walking the downtown streets and all the people.  But for me it is nice to return to a nice place, tucked away from the business of the city.  A place where nature rules the scenery and not high rise buildings and massive highways.  

I have a couple of photos to share.

You can see the texture of the surface of the water.  The wind is sweeping along the surface leaving visible streaks.

So we traveled in the best road trip/kayak vehicle ever. The Toyota Previa.  Here I am kicked back catching some ZZZZ's waiting on the ferry.

As you can see the Previa offers a nice amount of room for sleeping.  I like to call it the PKTV, Personal Kayak Transport Vehicle.  Ahh, waiting on the ferry. If you live here and travel enough, this is what you do all the time.


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