Friday, March 6, 2009

San Juan Days

Just wanted to put up a quick post to catch everyone up.  I have been delayed in getting information post due to a friend from out of town visiting.  We did lots of hanging out and just having fun.  So that is the main reason I have not posted recently.

I was teaching kayak class today and it was a nice time on the water.  I had return student who had been struggling with some of the kayak skills and today she really seemed to be putting it together. I gave her a few simple home exercises to do to help gain muscle coordination and memory. It seems to have helped and she agrees.  

Just letting all of my friends back home that even though I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I still have the home state represented with a Razorback on the bow and stern of my two personal kayaks!  The is the bow view

Here is the stern view.


Now that things are getting back to normal for me and my friend got on the ferry today.  You can expect to see more wonderful photos of San Juan Island and more kayak information coming out most every day!

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