Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello everyone.  I am just going to make a short post today because I spent a good amount of time writing a nice long post and saved it as a draft.  I left to go watch the sunset and when I got back the draft was not there. So I am not in my happiest of moods as it was a nice educational piece.  

Oh well.  It was a nice day here today.  The temperature was nice and there was sun in the sky.  I spent my time in and out of the house today.  A bit of time just outside to be outside.  I ended up on the West Side of San Juan Island to watch the sunset with my buddy Jesse and his daughter Ayana.  We played music and reveled in the beauty of the sunset.  We once again looked at each other laughed a bit and took in just how lucky we are to be able to have such a beautiful place to live and better yet a good friends to share it with.

I took a few images when I was out there. So here they are and I hope you all enjoy them.

Anyway, have a great night all.

SUNSET  :)  It was beautiful.  Good Night Everyone!

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