Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Young Hill Hike

Once again the wind was strong today.  A gale moved in overnight and I woke to the howl of the wind and pine cones falling on the roof.  That was about 445am, so I stayed in bed until 5am. Decided I would get an early morning run in.  So I geared up to be warm and headed out into the dark.  The stars were amazing.  The sky was clear and thousands of white dots littered the sky. It was hard to keep a straight line while jogging with your head tilted high to see the stars.  Stars are such a mystery.  To think for how many years humans have sat in the dark and gazed at these glowing bodies in the sky.  Each culture deriving its own meaning for their placement amongst the gods.  Guinness and I ended our jog in town as it was time for me to get coffee.  We walked home and by then the sky had changed.  All the stars hiding behind gray blankets and the rain started to flow. 

Around mid day I decided to bug out of work and head to British Camp.  It is National Historic Park on the island.  Left over from the Pig War days, it is now protected land for us all to enjoy. I took a stroll with Guinness to the top of Young Hill.  It offers amazing view to the South, West and North.  I have included some pictures so that you can enjoy the view as well.

View from the top Young Hill looking toward the Northwest.

My hiking and jogging buddy for the day.  Well I guess he has been my buddy for a long time.  One of the best dogs one could ever ask for.
Well after all the time spent to get the digi cam set up and timer ready, Guinness did not want look at the cam.  Oh Well.  So tomorrow is my 33rd Birthday and for a couple of old guys, I have to say we don't look to bad. LOL.  I am heading out for a Birthday Kayak tomorrow, so I hope to have new kayak images to post.  Check back.

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