Rain and Clouds

Once again a nice quite day on San Juan Island.  The morning started with dark clouds and rain. Though the temperature was still nice.  Yesterday I was lucky to get a lot of work done at our storage facility where we keep all the kayaks and gear.  I was pushing to get things done before the rain. Looks like a good chance of some wind moving in this weekend.  That will be nice for personal kayak time, but bad for guiding.  At the end of the day I decided to run out to Lime Kiln State Park. I was just going to enjoy the sound of the water and see if there was any wildlife around.  There was a local Harbor Seal that has been in the area all summer right off the shore hauled out on a rock.  He typically is there all alone and tends to tolerate people as long as they do not try and get to close.  I stopped and enjoyed him for just a bit as he stretched and wobbled around on to of the rock.  I met a really nice family that was there as well and had plenty of great questions about the area and the wildlife.  So I took some time and entertained with my answers.  They were from Colorado and the father had quit his job and bought an RV.  Now they are out exploring he US and Canada.  No set route just a few family destination they have to stop along the way.  Sometimes I am blown away but the spirit of people to toss what seems to be the American way of life and take the family on an adventure of unknown time frame.  They were currently on day 65.  After that I walked to the famous Lime Kiln Lighthouse also know as Whale Watch Point.  Clouds loomed in the distance and the Olympic Mountains peaking through to offer their existence.  All in all it was a really nice time just to take in the beauty of nature.  I hope that everyone that stops by and reads my blog will take a bit of time in their busy day to day habits to take a break and go for a walk.  To get outside and enjoy the simple wonder of our natural lands.

Here is the Lime Kiln Lighthouse.  It is one of the San Juan Islands most famous landmarks.  It sits on the west side of the island on the Haro Strait.

Here is the local Harbor Seal that resides in the area.  He has been here all summer and I have past him numerous times in my kayak.  He seems pretty content the hang out even though there are lots of people near by.


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