In Portland

Well I got to Portland yesterday.  Spent some time catching up with someone.  Then headed to my buddies house to stay the night.  We are both leading a kayak skills clinic this weekend.  I am filling in as a leader for someone who could not make the trip.  I know I am a nice guy.  The trip is run through Lewis and Clark College Outdoors.  We are heading to Nehalem Bay, there are going to be a total of 13 of us.  It looks like a good time.  Tonight we loaded up the trailer with kayaks and went through the gear.  I went over a quick game plan for the outline of the clinic that we are going to follow.  All in all everyone should have a good time so that is the focus.  So I hope to get some good images of everyone on the water.  I will get some posted when I get back. We will be out Friday to Sunday.  So some time Monday I will get the images up.

Above is a chart of the area we will be kayaking. 

So check back Monday and I hope to have the images up.


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