Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Great Day

Last night was pretty fun.  We all gather at a friend local farm (Sweet Earth Farms) and had a Cider and Spice party.  Basically people brought apples and there was a press there and we made cider.  The made hot cider drinks and all the like.  It was fun to see everyone there and to have the feel of sharing harvest.  

Today was not quite as sunny as yesterday.  But I will take it.  I woke to fog hanging low across the water.  Fog is common this time of year and has its own beauty when it wraps around the islands.   I got up early and headed for town with a book in tow and took a nice walk.  Ended up in town having coffee and sitting of the on the porch of the coffee shop looking out at the water.  It was nice and crisp out and I zipped my jacket to the top and had a nice time enjoying the feel of fall.  A got a text letting me I was going to be doing a day tour at 11am and I had 4 people.  I headed home to get my gear ready.

The water was nice, a bit more texture to the water today than yesterday.  The wind is suppose the pick up tonight and blow 45mph into Monday morning.  But out time on the water today was just a light breeze.  All the people were from Seattle and were excited to get out on the water. We took our standard route along the west side of San Juan Island.  I have a few photos to share. 


Me and my roommate Lyle before going out kayaking.  Yea I know we look silly.

Not too bad of a day for a paddle.

Here is another view of my small group.

Heading south toward the Lighthouse.

Two Black Oyster Cathcers hanging out at Deadman Bay.

Here are a couple of fun images I took along the way.  

Once again another great picture of me.  Well maybe not so great.

Now you know whats going on out here.  Not much really.  Mainly kayaking and trying to have fun after that.  Today after the tour me and my roommate went mountain biking.  Killed my legs.  But it was really nice to be back on my mountain bike.

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