Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthday Paddle

So October the 8th was my birthday I was lucky to have some good friends go on a paddle with me. It was a great day and the sun was bright.  Water conditions were calm with no wind to been seen. We took a nice easy pace and crossed San Juan Channel and made our way to the north side of Jones Island and entered Spring Pass and headed south toward McConnell Island.  We stopped and had lunch on Little McConnell Island and enjoyed basking in the sun looking back at San Juan Island.  We watched an adult bald eagle plunge towards the water to catch food.  Then fly back to where we were and land in a tree just above where we were eating.  After lunch we headed off to explore the Wasp Islands.  After a bit of time playing we headed back to San Juan Island.  Later that night we went to Steps Wine Bar and Cafe.  It was an amazing evening and I recommend anyone visiting the San Juan's to check out the restaurant.

Rounding the north of Jones Island we encountered this seal hanging out on the rocks.

Our lunch stop.

Here is the Eagle that was right above us.

On our way home.  Look at the rough water. 

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icydol said...

Hippo Birdie once again buddy. It looked like the eagle was aiming at you guys if he/she needed to do business! I know that stance way to well.