Saturday, October 18, 2008

Amazing October Day Tour

Well the forecast was for sun and no wind.  I guess others looked at the forecast as well because I took 8 people out for a kayak tour today.  I had 6 of the nicest ladies from Houston and very nice couple from Portland.  Plus I had an opportunity for one of our prospects guides for next season tag along.  The day started great with an early start and breakfast at Rocky Bay with some friends. Then I packed my gear and got ready for my tour.  The group was in good spirits and ready to have fun.  As we reach San Juan County Park the conditions were as good as they get.  Flat water, sunny skies and not even a breeze.  Taking to the water was a perfect way to spend my day.  Plus I took along my new cam and have some pictures to post.  

Like I said the water conditions were more than perfect.

On the way back I took a quick picture over my head.

Lime Kiln Light House                                             Couple of the Houston ladies.

Looking out in the distance you can see Vancouver Island.

Deadman Bay.  Our lunch spot.  Not to bad!
              This is toward the end.  Still flat water.

This is a self portrait of me.  From under the water shooting the surface.  The best picture of me I have ever had.

Well there you go.  I am not all that great with the new camera yet.  Has a lot of settings and I keep messing with them.  Once I get it dialed in and use if for awhile I will give my two cents on it.  But for now it is awesome to have a digi cam that I can dunk in the water.

So after my trip I met up with my buddy Eduardo and we went of a hike/run.  It was a trail on the island I have never been on.  Funny that you can live here and still only hike the same old trails and find there is a nice little DNR trail.  We hiked in and jogged back.  I have to say it was a pretty nice day.  I can only hope the evening will be half as fun and I will be ok with that.

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