Monday, October 13, 2008

Slow Days On San Juan

Well the title pretty much states it all.  It has really slowed down on the island.  We were lucky and had a nice weekend and had some tours out on the water.  I was in our shop downtown so I did not get to enjoy the weather.  Monday (today) I woke at 530am to see a heavy mist strangely suspended in the air. It never seemed like it was making it to the ground.  I decided it was a perfect morning to head to town and have coffee and read a book.  

I finally made my way to open the shop and town was empty.  I decided I would hang around for the morning ferries and then head out for some fun.  After getting a small bit of work done I packed up and headed for British Camp to enjoy a nice run along Bell Point.  Bell Point is a small loop only about 2 miles.  So I had to take a few loops around to get much out of it.  But it is a wonderful trail. It snakes along the shore of Garrison Bay and rounds Bell Point to where you run along Westcott Bay.  The trail is nice and maintained with very little incline to worry with. Garrison Bay was full of Surf Scoters and Common Mergansers.  There was a Blue Heron on the dock but was wise to my movements and took off before I was able to get a picture.  

The British Camp campus area off Garrison Bay has a few old buildings left from the mid 1800's and a English garden.  There a few amazing Big Leaf Maple Trees there as well.  I took a few photos of the area.  

Well that is all I have from my end.  Life on a quite little island is just that, QUITE.  There are times where it seems to quite.  But I have to say it is nice to enjoy nothing more than the sound of the wind, the distant sound of a ships horn carrying across the water or simple sounds of pebbles being tumbled along the beach by the sea.  Our little town of Friday Harbor is growing. We see new development all the time.  So I recognize that as everything in nature our town is evolving.  I try to enjoy the areas that seem to be a bit left behind.  Because in the end some of the wild areas will evolve as well.

Big Leaf Maple Trees at British Camp.  I wish I had someone with me to add to the picture.  It would give more scale to the size of the trees.

This is the campus area off Garrison Bay.  History tells of Native American using this area as a camp before the British moved in.  It is a nice place for a safe camp.  The passage to enter the bay could be easily guarded.

I have seen various images of this building.  It sits right on the water.  You can see the small holes where rifles would be able to protrude.  The building has gone trough a series of changes over the years.  The park has restored and it is nice condition.

That is all of the pictures I had time to take.  Remember all the images should be able to be click to enlarge.  For those who have been to British Camp, you know how beautiful the area is.  For those who have not, I recommend a stop if you are visiting the San Juan Islands in Washington State.

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