Clouds Move Back In

I thought that the clouds were not going to be here until late today.  But they were here when I got out of bed.  So I kind of had a slow start as I was not too excited about running around in the thick cover of the clouds.  I eventually made it out to go on a short run and took a little side hike down a trail I have not been on.  It was short but was really nice.  All you could hear was the water and near by birds moving around the forest.  The trail has some of the larger fir trees I have seen on any public land here on San Juan Island.  As you get closer to the coast you run into Pacific Madrone tress with bright red bark peeling back to a vibrant green.  Running along the main trail there are mushrooms everywhere.  The wet forest floor is perfect for mushrooms right now.  Over all it is a short and really nice trail and I almost never see anyone there.  Plus it is quite with no road noise, maybe the sound of a passing boat.  Today I was lucky to catch the sound of something moving across the water.  The sound was of something breathing.  Slowly it came into view and it was a Stellar Sea Lion.  It was heading north along the channel, most likely to Green Point on Speiden Island.

Well here are a few pics from my run. 

Here is a pic of some of the forest that looks like it was clear cut at one time.  You can see the fog in the air.

As you can see it is pretty cloudy out.  It was a really great view even with low visibility.  With the little point and shoot camera I have not figured the art of working out the contrast that well. Wish I had a DSLR.

Just another image of cloudy skies.  The water is flat calm though.

Here is a close up of the Pacific Madrone bark.

A nice little flower growing on a rock outcrop.


icydol said…
I <3 the green forest picture... absolutely faboooooo
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the DestiCam slideshow. Looks good.

I like the panoramic photos you did... looks like you are enjoying the islands like an islander should.


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