What's Been Going On

I have not had a chance to get an update posted.  But I am taking the time to get everything up to speed.  I have been on the water everyday for the past four day. Not that I have been on tours all on all of the trips but with training and tours.  

Shawn, a new guide for Discovery Sea Kayaks, just moved out to the island. We have been working on kayak rescues and personal skills.  Things are going great and I foresee him being a great new member to the team.

Today I took a couple out to the West Side for kayak tour and we had a great time.  The water conditions were great.  The skies were cloudy as they are calling for rain to move in tonight.  We had great views of Bald Eagles and encounters with Dalls Porpoise.  There were a few Oyster Catchers walking the shore, but overall it was a nice time on the water.

Yesterday I took a new employee out for a day of kayaking.  Once again another nice day on the water and with good company.  Swift currents and a light breeze did not stop us from having a wonderful paddle.

I did another trip a few days ago or so.  I am not really sure on the exact timeline.  It was a nice short trip and it was pretty windy.  But at the end of the trip we all had a great time.  

The weather this weekend is looking nice, so I hope to be on the water on a tour.  So come on up and visit me and go on a kayak tour.

ANYWAY, here are a few photos.

Here is Shawn getting ready to do some capsizing.

Out on a tour.  Shawn was tagging along and enjoying the day.

My clients for the day doing some rad padding.

Just messing around off Dinner Island.

A nice breeze was giving a bit of chop to play in.

Here is a different day with calm seas.

Getting ready for a bit more water time.

Well that is all I have for now.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful night.


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