Friday, April 10, 2009

San Juan Days

April is here and things seem a bit slow on the island still.  We have been having wonderful weather but it looks like this weekend things may take a turn to the rainy side.  I hope that things pick up soon as I am ready to get on the water with guest and share the islands via kayak.  I cannot wait. One of my new guides is moving out here on Sunday so training will start Monday!  That will be fun and I will start to post some fun images for the water.

Summer may not be here yet but that is not going to stop us from breaking out the BBQ and have some outdoor fun.  Tonight we are set to have a little BBQ action at my buddies house.  It should be great.  His house has a great water view and I hear there might be a few margaritas around.  

But not much else going on.  I have been spending most of my days in the kayak shop tyring to get some bookings for kayak trips.  

I hope everyone is having a good day and I hope to get some fun images posted soon.  Anyway, till next time.

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