Breaking Out The Sandals

The weather has been amazing the past few day and this morning could not be better.  The smells of spring in the air.  Nice and cool in the morning and warm by noon.  Calm water and no wind. Prefect!

Yesterday was a nice long day of being on the water.  I had a nice young lady come over for an interview and we got to do some paddling.  When I was done with that, Shawn and I got on the water for some more training.  It was a great day.  But I was really tired at the end of the day.  

There is some exciting new stuff going on with Discovery Sea Kayaks.  I am really excited the change is going to be awesome.  I will give out more information when the time comes to share. But I am cannot wait!

Last night was an amazing sunset.  The water was mirror smooth and pink clouds over Vancouver Island.  The Olympics Mountains faded into the dark purple of the sky.

It was an amazing sun set.  But I did not have my camera with me for any part of my amazing day.  So I do not have any images to share.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.


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