Clouds and Rain For The Weekend.

Last nights BBQ was wonderful.  Great food and great fun.  Today is cloud covered with lite rain with winds moving in overnight.  You can check the maritime weather at the following link.

With the rain in the forecast we typically do a bit less business with kayak tours.  Being April it is still a bit early for season to kick off, but it would be nice to get out on the water.  Tomorrow the winds are suppose to kick up and I know we will not have tours going out.  So I plan on going and doing a bit of kayaking on my own.  I will do my best to get some pictures to share.

Cloudy skies over Friday Harbor.  

Please click on this image to view.  I took this picture from my buddies deck where we had the BBQ last night. The view is of San Juan Channel and Presidents Channel.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and that it is not raining where ever you are.


Kiliii said…
Hey Jason,

Just stumbled on your blog here, great to see you shooting on the water and nice to stay connected with the waters around SJ. I just missed you when I was out there end of last month, probably see you sooner rather than later!

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