Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Grill Is Out Of Storage!

Got a call from my buddy Madden to get some folks together and get the grill ready. I made some calls and cleaned the grill and waited for the evening to come.  As the day passed we were getting ready to heat the coals and toss on the Halibut.  It was a great night.  We had great wine, food and company.  Island cookouts are great.  After having some food we all headed out the bar.  So the fun kept going strong into the night.  

It was really a fun night and was good to see everyone getting together.

Madden putting on the slabs of Halibut.
A grill full of fresh Halibut!  TASTY!


Oh yea just way to cool! 

People moving to the inside.  Small house but there are more folks behind me.  

Well I hope to get some kayak images up soon.  I have been doing kayak repairs and getting gear ready for the season.  The weather has been great and kayaking time is here.  So come on out and join us on a tour.

Anyway, Good Night Everyone!

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