Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yesterdays Kayak Tour

I was on the water yesterday running a West Side Day Tour. It was a great day to be on the water and the group I had out was wonderful. Flat calm conditions with unseasonably hot weather. Truly a wonderful day. On the tour when we reached Dead Man Bay there was a dead Harbor Porpoise. I called the office to have them reach the stranding network as the animal was in good condition and could be of use for getting some data from. I have plenty of pictures to share so enjoy.

A dead Harbor Porpoise.

The Porpoise being taken away.

Another view.

Smooth waters.

Ah I was in a double. I was lucky to have a good paddle partner.

That is me at the bottom. Wearing one of the new Discovery Sea Kayaks hats.

Paddling home.

A nice day.

Sorry I did nit have much for image comments. But it is getting late.


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Anonymous said...

Jason, thanks again for your great wealth of knowledge, hospitality, and an AWESOME trip. Keep up the great work--you are a true asset to us all!

-Leo and Charlene