Friday, June 19, 2009

San Juan Island Times

It has been a pretty nice week. But today we have a few clouds and showers in the area with wind moving in over night. That will soon pass and give way to sunny skies and warm temperatures.

Wednesday we had a meeting with all the guides. Now that everyone is here it was time to get us all together in one place and cover some topics for operations. After the meeting we treated to dinner at my place. We cooked out and had a great time.

We have a busy week coming up. I am sure I will not be able to get a post up until some time after the 27th. But I will do my best to get some images and info posted.

Here are a few pics.

AH! Beautiful!

The crew on my front deck!

Relaxing over a few beers!

Well I know it does not look like your normal executive meeting room. But I will take it any day over an enclosed closet for a meeting room!

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