Kayaking Days on San Juan Island

The past week was really busy for us here at Discovery. But we are seeing a bit of a slow start to this week. I unfortunately have a cold now and I am not too happy about it. It is never fun to have a stuffy head when the weather is sunny and warm. The weather has been pretty good for us over the past week. We had a bit of wind but over all it has been pretty nice out. Between getting on the water to run a Day Tours I was busy getting vans to pick up locations and back to be unloaded and back out to get others. It was a fun week of musical vans!

Yesterday I decided to head out and have a little kayak time without paying guest. My roommate came with me and we had a nice day messing about on the water. It was really calm out, which is not always the best when we are out looking to have a little fun. Though a few large cargo ships passed by and we were able to play around in a some rock with the waves hitting the shore.

Last night I went out to a buddy's birthday party with some friends of mine. It was a nice time but I was fading fast due to the cold. We loaded up and went back to one of my friends house and relaxed there. All in all a pretty wonderful day and night.

Here are a few photos of my day.

Here you can see Lyle in a sweet kayak I just bought. Sorry for the dark image.

Looking to the north along the coast of San Juan Island.

Pig Roast! My buddy Tawm had a great party with love music and a roasted pig! Lots of fun and good music!

A few folks enjoying the sun, drinks, music and great food!

Oh the rough life of living on San Juan Island.

Well that is all I have for now. Other than trying to fight off this cold things on island are great!


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