Sunny Kayak Days On San Juan Island

Today started early with a few clouds hanging around the sky. But by the time I was to pick up my clients for the day, it had cleared. A nice breeze mixed with strong currents made for a fun day on the water. I was doing a half day trip today as a training trip for our new guide Taryn. It was her first time to tag along on a tour. Yesterday Taryn and Lyle, both new guides, went out for some rescue training. So I wanted to get her on a tour so she could start to get the flow of how things work.

The day was nice. We saw a couple of Bald Eagles and Harbor Seals. A few sea birds were hanging out as well. The Orca Whales have been gone for some time now and not sure if they were spotted anywhere near the islands today. There is a female Elephant Seal at SJCP beach. The rangers there are busy keeping people away from the animal. She sure picked a busy beach to hang out. Yesterday she was making friends with a tandem kayak on the beach. But we do our best to stay away and keep clients at bay.

All in all a wonderful day. The water was great, the clients were great company and Taryn is doing well.

Enjoy the photos.

Taryn and the clients hanging out as we drift back to the North.

The clients paddling and enjoying the light roll to the sea.

The Elephant Seal was getting of the water and take a new place on the beach.

Here you can see one of the Park Rangers working to set up ropes to keep people from getting to close to the animal. By the time the ropes were set up she had moved to the other side of the ropes and was laying in the middle of the walking path for kayakers to access the beach. No the best location ever, but she does not seem to mind. For an animal that is suppose to be shy and like privacy. This particular animal seems to not really care.

Anyway, that is my day. Have a good one yourself!


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