Monday, June 15, 2009

Catching Up!

Well I am really sorry that I have been behind in updating the blog. I have been busy training new guides, running kayak tours and setting up new ideas! I will update you all on that at a later date.

The island has been really nice, so we have been pretty busy running tours. Next week we kick off a couple of weeks on insanity and I think we are all ready for it! All in all things could not be better on the island. So far it has been a great summer for me and I hope for it to continue!

I have some pictures to share with you all and I hope you enjoy them!

Getting on the water for the day.

Just off Lime Kiln State Park.

Doing a bit of rescue practice with tandem kayaks.

This can be pretty tough. The tandems are heavy. Kelly is doing a wonderful job!

This is from my perspective in the water.

Taryn and I floating around in the cold water!

That is it.

Well I know it is not much and sorry I do not have more time to post more information. Things are just a little busy and will only get busier, I hope!

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