Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Forecast for the day called for winds to shift to the SE and build to 3o knots. Well I am not sure that it has made the 30 knot mark but it is around 15 knots or so right now.  Pictures are of Griffin Bay, an area we typically run Half Day Tours.  But not on days like today.  SE winds are great for choppy water in Griffin Bay and offer lots of fun for kayak play time.

Not the best pictures in the world. You can see the change the wind can have on the water.  See my post Cattle Pass to see water conditions without wind.  Add some wind to the situation and you get a few more white caps and even a few little breaking wave.

It is a shame that the wind had to build so late in the day.  It is hard to find people to kayak with at such short notice to go out and have fun in these conditions.  I was lucky last year and Michelle living here and she was ready to go anytime.  I wish she was here this afternoon.

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