Well it is almost October and the weather could not be better.  It was such a nice sunny day today, I had to give up on work and head out on the water.  I mainly went out to practice a static brace, but that ends up being rolling practice as well. 

Yea I took a quick picture of me.  Self portraits never look to great.  But the good thing the sun is so bright I could not open my eyes all the way.  Since the sun will be going away soon, I'll take the squint.

Heading out around Dinner Island with Meaghan to see if there are any seals hauled out.

There were a lot of seals hanging out.  The picture is not the best.  It is hard to shoot with my little point and shoot and try and stay away from the haul out.  

It was a short paddle but it was fun.  We mainly went out to practice rolling and bracing.  But we say a large deadhead log and decided to investigate.  So figured we may as well go check out the harbor seals.  On the way back Meaghan decided to try and stand on the deadhead log.  This was very funny.  To bad my battery was dead on the cam.  She was moving to stand on it when it started sinking.  She jump from her boat and cowboyed on the back deck so fast you would have thought that the tree was trying to eat her.  None the less it was really funny and a good end to the paddle.


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