Saturday, September 27, 2008

Werner Paddles

I think paddles are very specific to the person using them, but I can say that most people fall in love with the Werner Ikelos or the Werner Cyprus.  Both paddles have carbon shafts with foam core blades wrapped in carbon.  I like the neutral bent shaft as it provides a comfortable feel as you put on miles.  The Ikelos is my personal paddle and I have been using it for over 4 kayak seasons now. It is still in great shape.  The adjustable ferrule is great and can go left or right feather in 15 degree increments.

The Ikelos is a big blade with lots of surface area.  This can be quite a workout moving trough the water all day.  The Cyprus has less surface area and can be a bit easy on fatigue after kayaking all day.  

I find the  Ikelos is nice and smooth through the water.  It did take a bit for me to get use to, as the blade feels more buoyant due to the foam core center and while sculling I found it easier to use if I slow down my stroke.  In slowing down the sculling for support stroke I seem to be able to get feedback from the blade and can really start to feel the support it is providing.  This is a high angle paddle and is designed to provide efficent movement of single kayaks.  I have used other paddles in the past such as Lendal Kinetik.  But when I transitioned the Werner Ikelos, I have never purchased another paddle.  I have demoed plenty but none could replace my Ikelos.

Werner produces high quality paddles and are made in Washington State.  If you are at you local paddle shop and you see they stock Werner Paddles.  Take one out for a demo and you will see what I am talking about.

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