Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Orcas, Minkes and Sea Lions

Today I got a call just before 8am from my good friend Ivan who is the owner of Western Prince Whale Watching .  He had set up a ride on a zodiac from Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island.  His buddy Simon who is the captain of the boat from Ocean Ecoventures.  It was a end of the season get together for Ivan's staff and had a few spots free for others to ride along.  We out for about 6 hours and it was a great time.  The zodiac can run at about 30 knots, which is a bit faster than most of the whale watching boats out of Friday Harbor.  We got to see Transient Orcas, which are the ones that hunt marine mammals.  We got to see them eat a harbor seal.  It was not too bad, we did not get to see the details to close.  We also got to see a few Minke Whales while we were out.  I never get to see Minke Whales, so I was really excited.  Plus it was the first time I have been out to Race Rocks.  It is a grouping of rocks in the Strait of Juan De Fuca and Sea Lions gather there in the hundreds.  I have a few photos I am posting and my little point and shoot digi is not hat impressive.  You can check out my friend Monika's blog Orca Watcher.  She will have better photos.

This is the image I got of the Race Rocks Lighthouse.  It was a bit foggy.

This is the vessel of the day.  It was a much soother ride than I could have ever expected.  It is a great experience.

Yea I know it is a sweet look.  The mustang suit was warm and cruising at 30 knots, a warm suit is great.

Here area few Sea Lions on Race Rocks.  There were approx a couple of hundred in the area.

The only picture that I got that was good enough to post of the Orcas

Just added this image to show the tide running past Whale Rocks.

That was pretty much my day.  Most of it was on the boat running around checking out the area. Pictures just do not do justice to what it is actually like to be on the water.  Surrounded by mountains with snow covered peaks, beautiful islands with amazing water.  It really is something you just have to come an enjoy for yourself.

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