Friday, April 16, 2010

Transient Orcas

So I was at work yesterday day and the Marmot order came in. So it was time to open boxes and start getting it all in the computer, priced and then out on the floor. I decided to grab a quick lunch with my buddy Eduardo when my phone rang. It was my buddy Ivan who is the owner of Western Prince Wildlife Cruises. He got word there was a pretty good size group of Transient Orcas out in the Straits. He called around and wanted to see if anyone wanted to go out on his fast boat Western Explorer. It is nice to be able travel fast when the Orcas are pretty far away and the Western Explorer does just that, TRAVEL FAST.

It was a great day out. There was a bit of rain when we left the harbor but the sun won the battle by the time we got on the scene with the Orcas. There were a couple different groups just traveling around. There was a few tail slaps here and again and we got an unexpected close pass by a small group.

There were some great photos taken from the encounter. I only had my IPhone with me. I did not have much time to get prepared to head out. Even so, everyone else aboard had nice DSLR's with good lenses to catch the event. I will post my few image below. But I am going to include a couple of links to pages that have much better pictures..

Western Prince Facebook (Ivan has images posted from the day and many more cool images to check out.)
Whale of A Purpose Blog (Jeanne is an avid whale watcher and picture taker. She does not have new images up as of this post, but she has some other up and I am sure new ones to come.)

Check out my images below and remember they are IPhone images, so not the best. I have to get back to work, ENJOY.

A large mail passes by and gives us a nice tail slap.

Dorsal fin of the large mail know as "Chainsaw"

Another view of "Chainsaw"

Here is a cool grouping passing the side of the boat

A couple of dorsal fins off the bow

Robin joined me on the outing. She even got a little work done by doing a couple of plankton tows.

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