Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kayak Tours and Wind

Well it has been busy over the week and I have been getting on the water for some guiding. I had a good 6 days in a row of Day Tours. That is always good, but not when the wind will not stop blowing. The sea state has been a bit cranky due to all the SSE and SSW winds we have been having on the island. Though the seas have been rough my groups have been having a great time.

I have not seen any Orcas yet, but I have read reports of some Transients out near Race Rocks. Bald Eagles have been busy building on their nest and going through the motions of courtship behavior. Some of the summer sea birds are hear and a few loons are still around. We had a great encounter with a fox on the shoreline. The fox had to scale a pretty steep area to get down to the waters edge. But when we approached, it scaled the near vertical with ease. On one trip we had a great view of two different California Sea Lions swimming north in the Haro Strait. So there is plenty to see right now.

Today I mainly worked in the shop. It is time to get ready for all of our new gear and clothing. All our Marmot and The North Face clothing gets here in a couple of weeks. So if you need some new clothing for the outdoors, stop by the shop.

Plus we are gearing up for our garage sale. April 24th: New and Used Equipment. Boreal Design Esperanto tandem kayaks, a few single kayaks. Plus camping gear: Tents from The North Face, and sleeping bags too. Plus some good deals on New clothing and outer wear.

Well I guess that is all I have to say today.

My Explorer setting at Deadman Bay while we were taking off to hike to the Lime Kiln Lighthouse. Discovery Sea Kayaks.

A view from Deadman Bay. Not a bad day until the wind picked up. Then is was fun and tougher to lead people home. But Fun! Discovery Sea Kayaks.

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