Friday, April 9, 2010

Nice day for a hike.

Well after work Robin and I decided to head out and get a bit of hiking in. It was a great walk. We headed out to the DNR land to explore the area. As we hit the trail head Guinness was excited to be outside as he sniffed and tugged at his makeshift leash.

It was nice and windy but we had some protection as we approached Young Hill from the East and with the wind being out of the West, it was nice. The sun was warm and bright, though the trail was nice a muddy. Spring flowers were popping out of the ground everywhere. We managed a few off trail excursions though some nice thickets. But we always returned to the trails to move on. We poked around having fun along the way and finally got the to top of Young Hill. Reaching the top, we were met with lot of heavy gust of wind. It was still a beautiful sight. We did not hang out to long as it was getting a bit chilly in the wind. We headed back into the woods and down the hill. On our way our we saw a few deer starting to move about.

After a bit of time we made it to the car. It was a really nice little hike in a great forested area of the island. Just what we all needed after sitting in offices all day.

Tomorrow brings great fun as I am hopeful the winds will be down and I have a Kayak Tour to take out. The whole weekend is looking pretty good. So I hope people are coming out to enjoy. Discovery Sea Kayaks will be on the water and I will be guiding, so come join me.

Robin and Guinness under some pretty nice Cedar Trees.

HUGS.. Guinness never gets enough hugs ;)

A large Madrona on the ground. The wind must of got the best of it.

A view from the top of Young Hill. I promise it was windy up there..

That is all I have for the day. Check back for pictures from my kayak tours this weekend.

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Kenton said...

looks like a nice outing!