WOW, Been Awhile

Well it has been awhile since I have update the blog. Reason......

1. Posting to facebook just became much easier to deal with.
2. Managing the Discovery Sea Kayaks Facebook page.
3. Managing the Discovery Sea Kayaks Twitter page.
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4. On and off the island a lot this winter.

What I plan to do now. I have decided that keeping the blog going is fun and I need to be more active at making small post frequently. So you can expect to see more post. I plan to post reviews and short post on island kayaking. I hope to start adding more images once again for everyone to enjoy.

Sorry it has been soooooo long.

But what is up with the Washington State weather. There has not been much going on with the snow in the mountains. Overall the temps have been pretty mild on the island and plenty of sunny days. We are not seeing very much kayaker activity here yet and I am not sure why. So I wanted to post so that maybe local Washington State sea kayakers will start coming out. There are no crowds and almost zero boat traffic. A great time to be here and take advantage of this early spring weather.

The above image was take on a trip I took this nice couple out in January. Blue skies and calm waters. I am looking out over the water now and it looks great!


Cool blog, keep the posts coming...we may have to come up for a tour this summer!

-Paul from Seattle

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